Product Design and Software Development


Do you have a new or existing product that needs to be integrated with bespoke or third-party software?

When you are developing new feature-rich products high-quality software can add value and give you a significant competitive edge.

The DaniHar Technology team can deliver embedded architectures and full-scale PC, mobile or web-based solutions.

Connecting embedded architectures to IT technologies in the IoT (Internet of Things) world is now commonplace. With our wide portfolio of hardware and software capabilities, we can meet whatever technical challenge you set for us.

The DaniHar product design and software development toolbox

We supply solutions for PC, multi-platform and embedded requirements. We write in multiple languages including C, C++, Assembler, Java, C#, HTML5, Python, and many other toolchains such as the popular Qt are all at your disposal.

For your PC and web-based applications DaniHar offers a rich portfolio of Microsoft® technologies backed by Microsoft® certified engineering. You can be confident your software is developed in accordance to the rigorous Microsoft® certification programme.

Additionally, we provide solutions for other operating systems such as Linux base technologies.

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