Electronic Engineering and Circuit Design


Are you looking for a one-off proof of concept or do you want to take a product from concept to manufacture?

The DaniHar Technology team can create a minimum viable product, a prototype, or modify an existing product.

Working with DaniHar Technology can meet all your electronic development needs.

Electronic engineering and circuits designed for you

Whether you need to select the right replacement components for your end-of-life products or develop brand new products, DaniHar Technology can help.

We work closely with UK manufacturing partners to ensure that your product is designed and engineered for a long and useful life.

Delivering turnkey products

We take your idea, turn it into a design specification, fully engineer the hardware and write any firmware or software you need.

Combined with our other expert services the result is a turnkey product.

Optimising IoT opportunities

IoT (Internet of Things) opportunities are everywhere. If you would like to take advantage of them, the DaniHar Technology team can provide low-cost innovative design solutions to speed up product development.

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