We would like to carry on sending you occasional emails about company related news and services which we believe may be of interest to you.

  • Your details are on our marketing database as you have previously called or emailed us about our services; we have met at an exhibition or via a referral; we have had some other personal contact; or you have consented to receive our marketing emails when we have phoned you in the past.
  • For the new GDPR regulations effective from 25th May 2018, we have provided this service for you to easily give us consent to keep your details or for your details to be removed from our database.
  • If you would like to be removed from our database and electronic mailing list, please complete the form below selecting "I wish to be REMOVED from your database" - though we'd be sad to see you go!
  • If you have previously requested to be removed from our database, you can register your details with us again by completing this form and selecting "I give consent to REMAIN on your database" - we'd be more than happy to have you back!

GDPR Consent Form

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