I THINK we can all agree that the last decade had its unique challenges for all business owners no matter the size. Moving forward, DaniHar Technology may be able to help you utilise technology to face your business challenges.

The power of business agility

We have been involved in some amazing projects, assisting start-ups and larger OEMs with technology innovations of varying complexity. Allow me to tell you a little about what we do and how we help companies like yours.

Why companies choose DaniHar Technology?

We have vast experience in many industry sectors and offer many engineering disciplines via a talented team.We offer technology-based cross fertilisation of ideas from other industry sectors, including automotive, medical and food and beverage.

So, what's different?

We appeal to all businesses, no matter the sector. Have you ever had a vision of how innovating technology in your business could help your growth, your unique positioning and your sustainable future. We want to work with, and support you in your business as a technology partner. We've all had the inner voice screaming 'If only there was a better way' or 'what if', mostly out of frustration. This is where DaniHar Technology want to help by innovating technology solutions to improve your business.

What can we offer?

Primarily, we innovate and engineer new technologies in the form of software and electronic engineering.For example, a bespoke software application or tool for your business, or maybe an innovative product widget, or something which improves productivity or cost savings within your business.
You may have concerns about the life span of legacy products that are still actively manufactured, or maybe because of lost in-house expertise. In such cases, DaniHar can work with you as your technology partner to support any product end-of-life concerns by providing redesign engineering capability. A managed approach to legacy products minimises the risk of a product becoming obsolete without a replacement.
Or, maybe you just need someone to deal with the tech jargon in your business as a service. Again - we can help.

The power of being business agile

With technology moving so fast, being agile and dynamic is our key to keeping up with the pace of change.

However, just as technology constantly evolves, as business owners of all sizes we need to adapt and evolve accordingly to changes around us. With this in mind, and applying an agile model to ourbusiness, DaniHar Technology has set its own targets and challenges for 2020 and beyond. Since October 2019, we are privileged to have been accepted on the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme. The programme is vital in the vision of where DaniHar Technology will be in the future, most importantly serving our customers.
Having this amazing opportunity is an enabler for DaniHar Technology to scale up and transform our offering to a wider demographic. We want to be accessible to other business sectors that are not in direct connection with technology innovation.
Just as the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme is important to our business strategy, DaniHar Technology want to be key to your business by partnering with you to innovate technology in your business together.
We feel that this is a unique offering and has appeal to all business owners.

Coming soon

We will be releasing a new brand within DaniHar Technology - Develop-Your-Tech - simply because that's what we want to do, develop your technology innovations to help your business grow as a partnership. In the meantime, should you have any ideas or want to talk about any problem that you believe technology innovation can solve, feel free to contact us directly, or visit www.danihar.com and click for a free consultation booking.

Business Times - January 2020
THERE'S no I in Team - that's our mantra! With technology being not only vast, but also fast moving in the world we live in, DaniHar Technology believe that collaboration is the key to providing a rich and confident offering to its customers. DaniHar Technology provide multi-discipline consultancy and design services.

Collaboration is key

Founder Andy Long said: "This could involve designing or reviewing systems, software and/or electronics, or applying one to many disciplines into a new product development. DaniHar Technology, which was established in 2016, works with customers to meet technology challenges - helping to solve problems or by coming up with a design of how the hardware will look, software to support that hardware and even a web interface or mobile app to support it as part of the solution.Andy said: "In order for us to provide our services to the highest level, we collaborate with other industry specialists; after all we do not claim to know everything in tech, who does?" "A design consultancy like DaniHar allows the client to focus on what they are trying to do and leave us to manage and focus on helping achieve the desired goals. We use a blend of in-house capability and pool of extremely experienced and talented associates when needed, to make this happen."

DaniHar Technology's client base ranges from big established industry brands to new clients in cross sector industries such as automotive, medical diagnostics, semiconductors, retail and consumer technology.The company's expertise is particularly helpful to academic clients such as universities, where research is ongoing but need a company to further develop the research.
Andy explained: "Our cross-industry experience has on many occasions assisted companies by using cross fertilisation of ideas and technology which would not of otherwise been thought about." "Our services are scalable, and no project is too small, giving clients of all sizes and in all sectors the support they need to develop ideas into working solutions." For further information, contact DaniHar Technology on 01933 698045 or visit the website

Business Times - August 2019
DaniHar can help you make your vision come to life by coming up with a design of how the hardware will look, software to support that hardware and even a web interface or mobile app to support it as part of the solution.

Introducing DaniHar Technology

Have you ever had one of those moments when you have a random idea for a product that may not have even been invented yet and you wonder whether there is such a thing? Perhaps you want a product that has the function and the technology to make your morning coffee at precisely 8.50am when you walk into the office from a click of a button from your mobile phone? Or maybe you have a whole new industrial product to develop? DaniHar is a technology company that have the skills, expertise and contacts to turn your idea into a reality; and it’s all done under one roof… Andy Long is the MD of DaniHar Technology, which he created in June 2016. Although the company has only been established for less than a year, Andy is no stranger when it comes to all things industrial and electronical. As a growing boy, Andy was always interested in how things work and was often seen working alongside his dad, who was an engineer, learning skills at a very young age; therefore he knew very early on that he wanted to be an engineer, more specifically an electronics engineer.
This lead to him progressing onto further education in the field of electronics and computing, where he won various awards from top companies such as Hotpoint/Creda and Perkins Engines, for outstanding design effort for college projects.
His hard work and determination didn’t stop there. He then went onto work in the industrial automation field. Whilst this was not directly hands on with electronics design engineering, it gave Andy the experience to work with high performance motion control systems as used in robotics and packaging equipment.

This was using very advanced programing techniques for the time and gave him the opportunity to work with some very talented engineers. This also gained him knowledge of mechanical systems and how they can be controlled from electronics and software at speed and safely. Furthermore, he was heavily involved in the development of user interface software to control the automated machinery.
After 15 years involved in the industry, Andy decided he wanted to go back to his electronics and software engineering roots and took a 6 month break to become MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) qualified.
“I felt that this was the right thing to do to indorse my skills further in the industry. I’ve also kept myself current with the electronics industry too.” Andy explains.
After several years working with a well-known queue management company developing pioneering queue management and media systems, he decided a new challenge was the order of the day. He went to work for a company who were pioneering a system to improve safety and cost effective processing of semiconductor devices.
This pulled on all of his previous experiences and expertise to take a product from a rough proof of concept prototype to a global award winning product. Therefore, with a wide portfolio of work behind him, DaniHar was created, with the company name inspired by his two son’s names: Daniel and Harry.
DaniHar Technology provide a very broad spectrum of services which include Electronic Engineering, Software Development, Industrial Automation and Technical Authoring and support.

If you need something done, DaniHar can help you make your vision come to life by coming up with a design of how the hardware will look, software to support that hardware and even a web interface or mobile app to support it as part of the solution. DaniHar Technology is a partnership company, therefore they believe in providing not only longevity in the customer product support, but also building trust with their clients by delivering quality reliable products and services on time, every time.
So what makes DaniHar different? You have companies that already specialise in electronic engineering or software, but what DaniHar offer is a very broad spectrum of services under one roof. With Andy’s wide portfolio, the options are limitless. And being Microsoft certified, customers can be rest assured that the software is developed in accordance to the Microsoft rigid certificate programme.
So if you have an idea for something that could benefit you in your everyday life, or something that could benefit your business; Andy at DaniHar is the man to speak to, because there is nothing involving technology, software and electronic engineering that if he hasn’t come across already, would embrace new ideas to deliver a high quality solution. Just call him Q from James Bond.
If you would like to know more information as to what DaniHar Technology can offer you, visit their website at www.danihar.com Or call 01933 698045.

All Things Business - March 2017